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Deeptech VC fund Java Capital announces final close of Rs 50 crore fund

Vivek Vishwakarma
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L to R Vinod Shankar, Bhargavi V, Karteek Pulapaka, Co-founders & Partner, Java Capital

L to R Vinod Shankar, Bhargavi V, Karteek Pulapaka, Co-founders & Partner, Java Capital

Java Capital, a pioneering Deep tech VC fund today announced the final close of Rs 50 crore fund and has seen participation from established founders from the Indian startup ecosystem, HNIs based in India, the Middle East and the US. 

Plans to open greenshoe portion

With this closing, Java Capital said it plans to open a greenshoe portion of Rs 25 crore. The firm aims to build a portfolio of startups in Deeptech, Climatetech, and B2B The fund's commitment to nurturing technology and fostering sustainability aligns with the global demand for innovation in these areas. 

The fund has already made 5 investments in startups, including AuditCue, Okulo Aerospace, Oorja, Pre-image, and Frigate. 


Java has previously invested in companies such as Agnikul Cosmos, The Eplane Company, Cynlr, KUKU FM, Eat Better, Codingal, YellowMetal.  The fund has doubled down on some of these companies giving LP’s access to winners for attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Java Capital LP Nizam, Co-Founder, Where Is My Train (Acquired by google) said, “Java capital has a clear focus on long term bets and invests in interesting companies in deep tech. Their team is super transparent and helps me feel close to the startup ecosystem as an LP. Trustworthy fund in the market.”

"Java Capital is thrilled to have reached this significant milestone with the final close of our fund," said Karteek Pulapaka, Co-founder and Partner at Java Capital. "We are deeply grateful for the trust and support of our esteemed investors and LPs, who share our vision for pioneering innovation and sustainability in the world of deep tech and climate tech startups. With the successful fundraise, we are well-positioned to continue identifying and supporting transformative companies in these sectors.”

What is Java Capital?

Java Capital is a SEBI-registered pre-seed/seed stage deep tech VC fund started by career Venture Capitalists Bhargavi V, Karteek Pulapaka, & Vinod Shankar. The partners have over 25+ years of cumulative experience across pre-seed, seed, and early-stage investments.

The investment firm primarily invests in sectors, including deep tech, climate tech, and B2B. 

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