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Delhi dentist says she is 'boycotting Uber' after an accident, says 'It's unsafe to travel with them'

Jaya Vishwakarma
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A Delhi-based dentist named Dr. Ruchika recently posted on X that she is "boycotting Uber India" after meeting an accident and sustaining injuries.

"It has become unsafe to travel with them now as drivers without Driving License or experience are on the roads, without taking any safety measures & care for the passengers. I met with an ACCIDENT yesterday," she wrote. 

Dr. Ruchika explained that she met with the accident on April 27 during an Uber ride from her home to the nearby metro station.


"The Uber driver missed the desired exit and tried to take a U-turn without using an indicator. He didn't even try to look back in the mirror to check if any vehicles were coming," she explained.

Sharing details about her injury, Dr. Ruchika said she had been prescribed heavy medications and advised to rest in bed for five days. 

"I am deeply hurt. I am on full bed rest for 5 days, with heavy medications. Tetanus injection. Torn muscle. Who is to be blamed here?, I am bearing all the losses, whether financial, physical, or emotional," she wrote.

Uber's response

The post was first shared on April 28 and since then it has crossed over 100,000 views. Uber India responded to Ruchika’s post, asking her to share her contact details.

“This sounds rather frightening and we hope you and the driver are safe, Ruchika. Please share the registered contact details from which this trip was booked via DM. Our safety team will be in touch with you shortly,” the cab company wrote.

"Hi, we've escalated this issue to our concerned team. We will get back to you with an update at the earliest. Appreciate your time and patience," Uber replied,

“We wish to reiterate that every driver on Uber has to have a valid driving license to operate on our platform. We’ve reached out to the rider and will take appropriate action as per her feedback on the trip. Every Uber trip is covered by a third-party accident insurance at no extra cost. We’ll be in touch with the rider to close the insurance process and wish her a speedy recovery,” Uber spokesperson said.