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Did Elon Musk join Disney as 'Chief DEI Officer'? Here's the Truth

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Elon Musk joins Disney

Elon Musk, the billionaire behind companies like EV giant Tesla and SpaceX, on Monday (April 1) said that is joining Disney as their Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Officer in order to make their content more ‘woke’.

Musk, in a post on X (formerly Twitter), expressed his excitement to work alongside Disney executives Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy to make Disney's content even more inclusive.

"Excited to join @Disney as their Chief DEI Officer. Can’t wait to work with Bob Iger & Kathleen Kennedy to make their content MORE woke! Even the linguini," Musk wrote.


What did Disney say?

However, Disney has remained silent on the matter, and there's been no official confirmation from either side. Given the timing of Musk's announcement on April 1st, many internet users are skeptical, suspecting it to be an April Fool's joke. And that's understandable as Musk has made similar surprising statements in the past.

The tweet comes against the backdrop of Musk's previous criticisms of Disney, especially after the company pulled advertisements from his social media platform, X. The billionaire had openly demanded the firing of Disney CEO Bob Iger, criticizing Disney's decision and supporting Gina Carano, a Star Wars actor who sued Disney for wrongful termination over her controversial social media posts.

Netizens reaction 

The post, which quickly went viral amassing over 40 million (4 crore) views, has sparked a flurry of reactions online. 

Comments ranged from humorous to skeptical. One user joked about applying for the position of "Chief Meme Officer," while another remarked on the repetitive nature of April Fool's pranks. Some users even debated the impact of such jokes on the tradition of April Fool's Day itself.

"Sorry guys, posted this from the wrong account," Elon Musk's Parody account replied.

"@elonmusk you gonna wear your pink shirt first day on the job? 💕 “I love pink. It’s my favorite color” - Elon 💖😉," Another wrote. 

Musk's post has ignited discussions on DEI policies, which he has criticized in the past as "institutionalized racism and sexism." Despite his controversial stance, Musk's announcement and the subsequent reactions highlight ongoing debates around DEI initiatives in major corporations and the tech industry.

While Musk's claim remains unclear, Netizens believe that it was just another elaborate April Fool's prank by one of the world's most influential tech moguls.