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Digital marketing automation startup Maino.ai raises $1.8M led by India Quotient Advisers LLP, others

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Digital marketing technology firm Maino.ai has raised Rs 15 crore in a funding round led by India Quotient Advisers LLP.

The round also saw participation from angel investors including Karan Bedi and Janhavi Parikh, along with other notable investors. The infusion of funds is set to significantly bolster Maino.ai’s expansion efforts.

Expanding teams

Maino.ai will be using the raised capital to expand its teams in technology, product development, design, and strategy. The startup plans to hire additional personnel to strengthen these key areas. 


Moreover, It aims to broaden its geographical footprint, enhancing its reach and impact in the digital marketing space.

What does Maino.ai do?

Maino.ai is a digital marketing technology startup founded by IIT alumni Abhijeet Kunwar, Rishabh Kumar, and Vikas Keshri in 2022.

The startup leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to build an end-to-end automated marketing technology (martech) platform that provides a comprehensive solution to an organization’s marketing needs, promising to optimize operations and enhance return on investment (ROI).

Maino.ai has reported significant traction from brands across various sectors, including media tech, direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, hospitality, and edtech.

The startup claims that its technology has successfully improved efficiency and scalability for its clients, highlighting a promising future in the martech industry. 

Gagan Goyal, a partner at India Quotient, emphasized the extensive market potential for Maino.ai's technology.

He stated, “Marketing operations and optimizations even today are reliant on manual processes limiting growth, scalability & leading to a subpar ROI. The pain is deep and poses a significant total addressable market (TAM).” This sentiment underscores the significant opportunities that Maino.ai's automated solutions can unlock in the digital marketing landscape.