Eureka Road To Enterprise 2020: IIT Bombay’s Contest Is Live Now

  • E-Cell, IIT Bombay launches the “Eureka Road To Enterprise 2020” contest for new businesses and startups.
  • The contest is considered one of Asia’s largest business model competition.
  • New startups and businesses can submit their business model to win a prize worth Rs 50 lakh at stake with the networking opportunities in India and Silicon Valley.

E-Cell, IIT Bombay launches Asia’s largest business model contest Eureka Road To Enterprise 2020 for new businesses and startups.

New startups and businesses can submit their business model to win prizes worth Rs 50 lakh (INR 5 million) at stake with the excellent networking opportunities in India and Silicon Valley (USA).

Eureka! is Asia’s largest Business-model competition held by the Entrepreneurship cell of IIT Bombay every year. The contest is independently authorized by CNN and Thomson Reuters.

Participants will have to register themselves for the entrepreneurial contest help by E-Cell IIT Bombay and submit their unique business idea or model for the contest to win Rs 50 lakhs worth of prizes.

The competition is conducted via the following phases:

  1. Registration: The registration portal for the competition has started on 6th September. Participants will have to go through a questionnaire (fully) before 17 October 2020. Any lack of compatibility in the registration process can lead to disqualification.
  2. Online Mentors’ Meet: Once the semi-finalists are declared, they are invited to attend an online mentoring session. This session consists of various events such as Pitching, Lean Startup Methodology, and the semi-finalists get to e-meet mentors from their specific sectors.
  3. Pitching: All the finalists will have to pitch their startup idea in front of the esteemed “Eureka!” jury (sworn body of people), which consists of investors, businessmen, and professionals.

“The competition aims to bring out creative ideas from students to solve ordinary day-to-day problems. We are encouraging innovation and out-of-the-box thinking through a series of workshops and a five-month-long competition,” said Yash Pundlik, events head, E-Cell.

“We are already associated with 100+ schools across the country and over 15,000 students through our various initiatives for promoting innovation in the country. With this competition, we aim to expand our reach,” he added.

Structure of the contest:

Eureka 2020 contest structure
Eureka 2020 contest structure

Questionnaire Rules

  1. Participants’ teams must answer all of the questions in the questionnaire to be considered for evaluation.
  2. The questionnaire of the contest is designed such that compiling the answers to the questions would create a complete image of the startup or business idea.
  3. The answers to the questions can be saved and edited frequently till the last day of submission i.e. 17th October 2020.
  4. All teams are expected to complete the idea presentation before 20th October 2020.

If you want to submit your business or startup idea, consider going to the link (Click Here).

Participants who want more information regarding the Eureka contest click here.

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