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Easy Pay, Grameen Foundation partners to onboard MSME artisans and craftsman on ONDC

Vivek Vishwakarma
New Update
Easy Pay, Grameen Foundation partner

Easy Pay today announced a partnership with the Grameen Foundation for Social Impact (GFSI), a not-for-profit organization to onboard MSME sellers to the ONDC network.

The partnership will focus on onboarding special skilled sellers, such as artisans and weavers, onto the ONDC platform, enabling them to become online sellers.

Easy Pay is a payment solution company and one of the first fintech companies to join ONDC and offer integrated retail and financial services solutions.

Providing access to a wider market through e-commerce


The collaboration aims to provide both women and men entrepreneurs with access to a broader market through e-commerce. This initiative will generate employment opportunities and open new avenues for growth, supporting the livelihoods of skilled professionals like weavers and sculptors.

The partnership will address challenges faced by sellers operating in small geographic areas and skilled professionals who currently sell goods at lower margins through distributors, by giving them access to online markets with higher revenue potential.

Leadership comments

Nilay Patel, Founder & Managing Director of Easy Pay, said, "At Easy Pay, we are dedicated to fostering inclusive growth and empowerment within the MSME community. Our collaboration with the Grameen Foundation marks a pivotal step in democratizing e-commerce access for skilled groups and small businesses across India. The absence of a robust ecommerce ecosystem has long hindered small merchants, artisans and craftsmen from venturing online. Integration with ONDC eliminates these barriers, offering unrestricted access to the e-commerce world along with numerous benefits."

Benefitting MSME sellers

By leveraging the ONDC network, these entrepreneurs will be able to showcase their products and services to a larger audience while also benefiting from services such as credit facilities, digital payments, and delivery solutions. 

Notably, EasyPay will also train sellers to act as agents for onboarding other sellers onto the ONDC network.

Rahul Dube, Project Director from the Grameen Foundation for Social Impact (GFSI), said, "The Grameen Foundation for Social Impact's partnership with Easy Pay will endeavour to empower grassroots entrepreneurs who have never accessed the benefits of selling online. By leveraging technology and innovation, we aim to bridge the gap between skilled professionals and online marketplaces, thereby urging economic inclusivity and sustainable growth."

Details about the onboarding process

The onboarding process will include seller registration, catalogue setup, logistics settings, and training for handling inventory updates, order confirmation, and ticket management.

Sellers onboarded through Easy Pay will be able to receive orders from all buyer apps on ONDC. Easy Pay's initiative will target sellers who have not yet been onboarded, many of whom will be joining an online marketplace for the first time.

Comprehensive pan-India campaign

Through a comprehensive pan-India campaign, the partnership aims to reach skilled professionals and small businesses across India.

Onboarding activities will commence in the third week of May, marking the start of an exciting journey towards enhancing economic opportunities and digital accessibility for all.

Easy Pay is an officially registered Marketplace Buyer & Seller Network Participant for Retail and the first Buyer app participant to go live for Financial Services (FIS) on ONDC.