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Edtech giant Byju's lays off 100 more employees after performance review

ISN Webteam
18 Aug 2023
Byju Raveendran, Co-founder & CEO of Byju's

Byju Raveendran, Co-founder & CEO of Byju's

After laying off thousands of employees primarily in a cost-cutting measure, Edtech giant Byju's has laid off 100 more employees in the mentoring and product expert divisions, which are internally housed under the post-sales department.


Byju's said that the latest layoffs are firmly rooted in performance-based is not connected with a cost-cutting measure.

“As part of a periodical performance review, 100 individuals who did not meet expectations after a performance improvement plan were let go with proper procedures. This measure is firmly rooted in performance-based considerations and is not in any way a cost-cutting endeavour,” a company spokesperson said.

However, Around 400 employees from Byju's from mentoring and product expert division, who were placed under a performance review in July, were asked to resign on August 17, multiple employees told Moneycontrol.


The employees further said that the company's HR gave a call that their email addresses will be deactivated within the next two hours and asked them to download pay slips and other important documents.

The report further added that the affected employees were asked to resign voluntarily and were offered the salary for August and September as their final settlement. Employees who refused to resign were immediately terminated and were promised their salary pay up to August 17.

The layoffs come amid several setbacks Byju's has been facing. Most recently, A video went viral of one of Byju's women employees, where she alleged that the company had forced her to resign without any prior notice.

The full and final settlement of dues is likely to happen within 90 days of the layoffs, the report added.

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