Edtech startup Target PEAK raises pre-seed funding through Growth Sense

Edtech startup Target PEAK said it has raised an undisclosed amount in pre-Seed funding round through Growth Sense from marquee angel investors Sanjay Sarda (IIT, Kharagpur Alumni), Jimish Kapadia, and others.

Every parent desires to see their children grow up, become ‘Bada Aadmi,” and enjoy a comfortable life. Parents provide their kids best education in the best possible way. However, most parents mainly focus on their kids’ performance in the annual school exams.

In contrast, their main targets – scholarships, government jobs, and professional course selections- happen through competitive exams designed to test students’ mental ability, which, unfortunately, is not covered in the standard school curriculum.

Target PEAK believes the key here is to prepare for ‘mental ability’ testing, which is a key component of all competitive exams.

The problem is that very few students and parents know about the extra preparation needed for competitive exams. Most parents are unaware of the need for a different type of exam preparation. Also, many students don’t know how to prepare holistically for competitive exams. Lastly, even the well-prepared students are not trained in the competitive exam setup where they will be required to fill out the OMR sheets.

The challenges mentioned above have lowered the performance of most students, including that of many good students, in competitive exams.

The startup said its (Performance Enhancement & Acquisition of Knowledge) syllabus has been designed to overcome all these challenges. The curriculum focuses on enhancing mental ability and comprehensively covers all state and central government competitive and entrance exams, it said.

Additionally, It also offers a complete package for end-to-end training. Apart from getting access to online lectures and notes on Mental Ability, Target PEAK students appear for monthly offline tests and learn to work on OMR sheets.

Target PEAK said it has created a user-friendly system implemented successfully with the Goa State Govt, Zila Parishad, Nashik, Tribal Development Dept, Nashik, and 300+ other schools in Maharashtra and claims to have served around 1.5 lakh paid students in the last academic year. The startup expects to help around 15 lakh students in the academic year 2025-26.

“Almost all edtech companies focus only on Science and Math streams, which is a dream of not more than 25% of available students while Target PEAK is building awareness and helping parents to realize the importance of Govt Scholarship Exams which is the foundation of all competitive exams and preparing students for Mental Ability which is core of all competitive exams,” said Manisha Bansal, Co-founder of Target PEAK.

Dr. Praveen Bansal, co-founder of Target PEAK, said, “Considering students as patients, schools as a hospital, Teachers as Doctors, and Target PEAK as a pathological lab; Target PEAK aims to become Thyrocare of K-12 competitive exams; means a student can study anywhere but to know where he/she stands in the market and his/her gaps in competitive exam preparation, comes to Target PEAK.”

Mr. Sanjay Sarda said, “With the announcement of National Education Policy 2020, the need and the likelihood of edtech companies spreading in rural areas has increased significantly. The future seems bright for both edtech enterprises and underprivileged students.”

“Target PEAK is a highly scalable business model seeks to differentiate itself through B2B2C channels, in which it forms alliances with other schools, connects directly with students from rural areas, and provides them platforms to prepare for various competitive examinations, as well as improve their performance with efficient analytics,” added Mr. Jimish Kapadia.

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