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eFeed revolutionizing precision animal management receives secures Rs 25 lakh grant from Indian Council of Agriculture Research

Vivek Vishwakarma
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Kumar Ranjan eFeed

Kumar Ranjan eFeed

eFeed, a startup revolutionizing precision animal management & feed practices and empowering farmers across the country, today said it has received a grant amounting to Rs 25 lakh from the Indian Council of Agriculture Research, Government of India. 

The startup has raised more than $1.5 million in venture capital from prominent investors like Omnivore, Huddle, Better Capital, Faad & Venture Catalyst.

Revolutionizing animal feed practices

Founded in December 2020 by Kumar Ranjan, eFeed is a precision animal management and nutrition startup focused on revolutionizing animal feed practices and empowering farmers across the country with better milk yields and reduced methane emissions.


Through innovative technology solutions and farmer education programs, The startup aims to enable farmers to produce healthy feed for their animals in a cost-effective manner.

The startup claims to have partnered with over 1.2 lakh farmers, emphasizing sustainable animal culture and integration with the food security value chain. It aims to empower farmers with cost-effective solutions specifically tailored to enhance the well-being and productivity of cattle. 

Addressing methane emissions

eFeed said it actively addresses methane emissions by promoting balanced ration (TMR) & localized feed formulations and implementing practices that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the livestock sector. 

Kumar Ranjan, Founder and CEO of eFeed, said, "This grant from ICAR Pusa is a testament to the impactful work we have been doing at eFeed. It is a recognition of our commitment to enhancing the overall well-being of animals, farmers, and the environment. We are excited about the possibilities this grant opens up for us to reach more farmers with our technology solutions and demonstrate tangible increases in milk output."

Focused on expanding reach

eFeed said the funds will be utilized to further expand its reach, enabling it to empower more farmers with its innovative technology solutions like Nutrition Calculator. It aims to demonstrate a substantial impact on the increase in milk output, thereby contributing to the overall productivity and sustainability of the livestock and dairy sector.

The startup said that its unique approach involves not only providing farmers with advanced technology solutions but also imparting crucial knowledge about localized animal nutrition. 

It conducts training programs to educate farmers about the dietary requirements of different animal species, organic feed processing, and the preparation of feed using readily available resources at home.

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