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'I will ban Apple devices if Apple integrates OpenAI at the OS level,' says X owner Elon Musk

Jaya Vishwakarma
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elon musk says he will ban apple devices at his companies

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in a post on X, said that he will ban Apple devices at his companies if the iPhone maker integrates OpenAI at the OS level. He said this an an unacceptable security violation.

"If Apple integrates OpenAI at the OS level, then Apple devices will be banned at my companies. That is an unacceptable security violation," Musk wrote. 

He further mentioned that if this occurs, "visitors will have to check their Apple devices at the door, where they will be stored in a Faraday cage."


Musk criticized Apple, saying, "It’s patently absurd that Apple isn’t smart enough to make their own AI, yet is somehow capable of ensuring that OpenAI will protect your security and privacy! Apple has no clue what’s actually going on once they hand your data over to OpenAI. They’re selling you down the river."

Musk's comments come after Apple announced a slew of AI features across its apps and operating platforms and a partnership with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT to its devices.

Apple has announced the integration of ChatGPT into its popular devices. ChatGPT will be enabled within iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, allowing users to access its expertise, image- and document-understanding capabilities, and more without needing to switch between tools.

This move has raised privacy concerns among Apple users. However, Apple has assured that privacy protections are built in when accessing ChatGPT within Siri and Writing Tools. The company said that OpenAI will not store users’ requests and their IP addresses will be obscured.

Additionally, users can choose to connect their ChatGPT accounts, applying their data preferences under ChatGPT’s policies.

Apple has emphasized that users will have the choice of whether to use ChatGPT in its apps.

The integration will be available on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS later this year. Users can access it for free without creating an account, and ChatGPT subscribers can connect their accounts to access paid features directly from these experiences.