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'Enough is enough' move near office or leave your job: IBM CEO gives ultimatum to managers

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American technology company International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) has issued a companywide ultimatum to its managers who are still working remotely: relocate near an office or exit the company.

The directive requires all U.S. managers to report to an office or client location at least three days a week, regardless of their current work location status.

The company has set a deadline for these changes to be implemented by the start of August this year.

Utilising bade-in data 


To ensure compliance with the new policy, IBM said it will use badge-in data to assess individual presence at work locations. The data will be shared with managers and human resources, it said.

Separating employees who don't follow new policy 

While IBM is firm on its new policy, exceptions are made for employees with medical issues or military service.

However, managers who are unable to relocate within 50 miles of an IBM office or secure a remote role that’s approved by the company are asked to "separate from IBM." This move indicates a significant shift in IBM's approach to remote work.

Focusing on balancing flexibility and productivity

A spokesperson for IBM stated that the company is focused on creating a work environment that balances flexibility with in-person interactions, which are believed to enhance productivity, innovation, and client service. 

The policy is in line with CEO Arvind Krishna's views on the importance of on-site work, as he has previously mentioned that remote workers might face challenges in receiving promotions.

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