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EV startup Zypp Electric launches Green’o’Meter, aims to plant 1 million tress by 2030

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Zypp Election launches Green’o’Meter

Indian EV startup Zypp Electric recently announced the launch of its Green’o’Meter initiative, which aims to plant 1 million trees by 2030.

The development aligns with the company's mission of achieving zero emissions and making India carbon-free.

How does the Green’o’Meter work?

The Green’o’Meter initiative prominently features Zypp Electric’s efforts in reducing emissions, displayed through a ticker on its website. This ticker shows the carbon savings, translated into the number of trees planted.


For every 100,000th order delivered, Zypp Electric will plant a tree in the name of the customer who received the delivery. Additionally, trees will be planted in the names of employees as a form of recognition and gratification.

Who are Zypp Electric’s partners?

To ensure the success of the Green’o’Meter initiative, Zypp Electric has partnered with Grow-Trees, a renowned social enterprise.

Together, they will contribute to the Trees for Tigers project, which aims to restore the Sundarbans mangroves. This project not only aids in carbon capture but also revitalizes tiger habitats and creates employment for local communities. Trees planted will bear the name of the beneficiary, and detailed information about the project location will be provided.

Leadership comments

Akash Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of Zypp Electric expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative: “At Zypp Electric, we believe that sustainability is not just a goal but a responsibility. Currently, we do 50 lakh deliveries per month with consistent growth month on month, contributing significantly to carbon reduction through last-mile deliveries. We intend to plant trees on every 1 lakh delivery milestone, aiming to plant 1 million trees by 2030 to support our Mission Zero Emission and crucial Green projects across India.”

Vipul Gajera, CEO of Grow-Trees, also commented on the partnership: “At Grow-Trees, we’re thrilled to partner with Zypp Electric on their Green-o-Meter initiative. Their commitment to sustainability perfectly aligns with our mission. The meticulously designed Trees for Tigers project will restore critical Sundarbans mangroves, revitalize tiger habitats, and create employment for local communities. We commend Zypp Electric for their leadership in restoring our green cover. Collaborations like this are essential for building a more sustainable future.”

Aiming to make India carbon-free

Founded in 2017, Zypp Electric aims to make India carbon-free by using an ecosystem of electric vehicles and EV-based technology for sustainable and emission-free last-mile logistics. Zypp Electric’s business model focuses on making carbon-free deliveries for local merchants, e-commerce giants, and delivery executives.

The startup's fully automated IoT and AI-enabled scooters, low on maintenance and high on performance, track batteries that can be replaced at Zypp swapping stations installed at key touchpoints.

Currently, Zypp Electric operates with over 21,000 EVs and pilots, significantly reducing delivery costs and pollution.