Facebook AI Accelerator Program: Top 3 Selected startups under the program

It is no wonder that the world is becoming technologically smarter each day, every minute and each second. Artificial Intelligence is that one outcome of technological growth which is a living example of how human intelligence has come miles ahead so far and made impossible possible.

Every technological progress is synonymous with AI today. It is again no surprise FB did it’s part in uplifting the startup scenario in the country by imbibing AI in the same.

So in the wake of that FB in partnership with Telangana government T-Hub came up with FB AI Accelerator Program. As the name suggests itself, the motive of this program is to catalyze today’s startups in India with the help of the foremost technology in today’s time which is AI.

It selected three startups as a part of the program. The idea was to cater to startups that shared the most unique, social and ecologically sustainable setups.

Under this program, these startups will get mentorship from Facebook about marketing and other expertise in order to accelerate the progress of the idea.

The three selected Startups are- ftcash, Marut Drones and Innerhour. All of them are socially contributing to society by working towards healthcare, mental health and more.

Ftcash founders Vaibhav Lodha, Sanjeev Chander and Deepak Kothari working towards financially uplifting small startups, setups and small businesses and enterprises. The fintech startup is working towards making these businesses a financially fit.

Marut Drones was founded by Prem Kumar Vislawath, aiming to fight dengue with technology-driven armor. It is the first drone designed to eradicate mosquitoes larvae a water hyacinth on the lakes.

This model is working to uplift the healthcare of the country. FB accelerator program could find no better startup better than this to assist.

With the help of data analytics and machine learning, the project is single-mindedly fighting dengue.

The last one but not the least one is Innerhour which is founded by psychiatrist Dr. Amit Malik and Dr. Shefali Bhatra, who is working towards providing assistance in mental health in a digital way. With the help of an emotional health app, this startup is fighting against mental health issues that aren’t openly discussed in the country as it must be. There is a dearth of mental health professionals in the country, the startup aims to combat that problem as well.

With the help of AI accelerator programs, these startups will get push manifolds more than expected. Indeed, this is a true example of how technology can be used to sustainably develop the country.

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