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Fantasy gaming platform Dream11 makes its IPL debut and onboards 11 lakh new users

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Dream11 makes its IPL debut

As the 17th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) commenced on March 22, Dream11, a fantasy gaming platform, onboarded 1.1 million new users on the very first day.

The company's co-founder and CEO, Harsh Jain, shared these figures, highlighting the platform's growing popularity. Alongside the influx of new enthusiasts, Dream11 also reported a record 15.01 million concurrent users, showcasing the event's massive appeal.

What are IPL T20 fantasy leagues?

The IPL T20 Fantasy Leagues, coinciding with the start of the IPL, have become a hotspot for cricket aficionados.


Dream11's online platform offers a virtual, skill-based game that not only entertains but rewards players with a keen knowledge of cricket. The website encourages participants to employ strategic insights for a chance to win various rewards, emphasizing the blend of entertainment and competition.

Expanding sponsorship footprint

In 2024, Dream11 expanded its presence within the IPL ecosystem by partnering with eight prominent teams, including Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders. The strategic move not only enhanced Dream11's visibility but also solidified its position as a key player in the fantasy sports domain.

User demographics and growth

Dream11's user base saw a significant increase last year, with 55 million new users joining the platform. A notable portion of these users falls within the 25-60 age group, with 28% coming from major Indian Tier I and II cities. The platform has also seen a 79% year-over-year growth in female users.