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Fintech firm Infibeam Avenues launches AI developer platform 'THEIA'

Vivek Vishwakarma
New Update
Infibeam Avenues

Infibeam Avenues Ltd, am AI-powered fintech company, today announced the launch of THEIA, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) product. 

THEIA is a Video AI Developer Platform designed to transform how businesses, institutions, and governments utilize AI for improved productivity and efficiency.

The company expects that the platform will enable mthe analysis of video data beyond traditional security uses, marking the beginning of a new era in video data transformation.

Offering advanced object detection


THEIA is not just another AI tool; it is a comprehensive framework that offers advanced object detection, classification capabilities, and model training.

It leverages an organization's existing video data to provide insights across a wide range of industries including sports analytics, media optimization, traffic management, and more. 

Revolutionizing the utilisation of CCTV Data

According to Rajesh Kumar SA, CEO of Phronetic.AI, Infibeam Avenues' AI business unit, THEIA is one of the world's first platforms of its kind, aimed at revolutionizing the utilization of CCTV data for enhancing business operations and decision-making.

"Beyond security, videos will now serve as powerful tools for enhancing productivity, workforce efficiency, and decision-making across businesses, government entities, and organizations. The era of video data transformation has begun," said Rajesh Kumar.

Addressing dveloper challenges with advanced AI

The platform addresses three major pain points for developers: selecting relevant key frames from video streams, choosing the right set of models from a vast pool of AI models, and visualizing processed video for analytical purposes. 

THEIA simplifies these tasks with its in-house AI models, autonomous AI agents for model orchestration, and a video understanding module that provides a standard output interface for downstream applications.

Empowering developers and experts

THEIA is designed to be user-friendly, enabling app developers to create applications with basic knowledge of analytics, coding, or Python. The platform supports natural language coding, allowing for the development of applications using conversational language. 

Furthermore, it offers data scientists and machine learning experts the opportunity to create proprietary AI models and monetize them by allowing app developers from various sectors to use these models in their applications.

"New multimodal AI models are demonstrating this capability remarkably well. Harnessing the latent information within videos has the potential to optimize processes, streamline operations, and bring about unprecedented efficiency improvements. While existing AI development platforms on the market predominantly focus on text, images, and audio, none have successfully addressed the unique challenges posed by videos," added Rajesh Kumar.