Fitness startup Alpha Coach raises $1.25M led by Jani Ventures INC, others

Mumbai-based fitness startup Alpha Coach has raised $1.25 million in a funding round led by Jani Ventures, UK-based Dimitri Goulandris, and friends and family. With this, the startup is now valued at $5 million.

According to Alpha Coach, the raised capital will be used to continue strengthening the team, launching and scaling up its fitness-tech platform to provide a refreshing, engaging, and results-focused fitness experience for Indians.

Founded in 2020 by Ketan Mavinkurve and Vishnu Venugopal, Alpha Coach operates a personal training platform that offers tailor-made fitness programs to its clients.

The startup has specially designed a system for busy individuals who want to become more active, but aren’t able to find the right guidance, structure, and systems. As part of the program, users will get access to tailored diets and meal plans, customized exercise regimens, and 24-hour access to their respective coaches.

Founded by fitness enthusiast Ketan Mavinkurve, a fitness enthusiast, who struggled to find a program for himself to stay fit with his busy schedule. While he tried several programs, they failed to take his personal fitness levels, body structure, food choices, work routine, and habits into consideration.

He launched Alpha Coach after doing a lot of research in the lifestyle of hundreds of celebrities, professional models, and athletes, to understand how they got the perfect fit body. Apart from this, He also researched about their routines and habits that giving them a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. This entire study led him to eventually undergo a life-changing transformation that transcended the physical into various other spheres as well.

After his own transformation, he launched Alpha Coach with an aim to impact the lives of several individuals who are busy in life and want to get a fit body.

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