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Flipkart calls Mumbai customer 6 years later over order still out for delivery; Netizens say, ‘Good things take time'

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Flipkart calls Mumbai customer 6 years later over order still out for delivery

In an unexpected turn of events, a Mumbai man found himself answering a call from Flipkart customer support a whole six years after he initially placed his order on Flipkart.

Ahsan Kharbai, who according to his X (formerly Twitter) account is from Mumbai, shared a screenshot of an order that is still marked "out for delivery."

"After 6 yrs @Flipkart called me for this order 😂 Asking me what issue I was facing," he wrote on X.


Back in May 2018, Ahsan ordered a pair of branded Sparx slippers, expecting a routine delivery. However, the slippers never arrived.

Over the years, his order status perpetually displayed "arriving today," a promise unfulfilled to this day.

Ahsan recounted his surprise when, out of curiosity, he recently clicked on the order, only to receive a follow-up call from Flipkart the next day.

"I was surprised when they called about an order that is 6 years old," he shared with the Hindustan Times. During the call, the customer care representative inquired if Ahsan had ever been contacted by their logistics team, ultimately apologizing for the prolonged delay.

“The customer care representative asked me if I did not get any call from the logistics team. He ended the call saying ‘we are very sorry for this sir,’” he said.

Despite the order being cash-on-delivery, Ahsan chose not to pursue the matter further, hindered by the lack of an option to cancel the order on the app.

"There is no cancellation option for this order... I don't know what the glitch is... I was surprised to get a call about this order yesterday," Ahsan wrote on X.

Netizens reaction

Ahsan's post quickly went viral, amassing over 200,000 views and sparking a flurry of amused comments. A few customers mentioned they had experienced similar issues with Flipkart.

Interestingly, a user named 'KrrishRao_' said he ordered Moto  X (2nd Gen) in April 2015 and has been out for delivery since then.

"Good things take time," one user joked.

"bolna thana 2050 main jabab dunga," another said.

"Now they will give you left slippers free with the right one," a third commented.

"Did you order it for your grandson?" a fourth teased.