Flipkart launches Shopsy- a digital platform for entrepreneurs

Flipkat, a Walmart-owned e-commerce marketplace, today announced the launch of Shopsy, an app that will allow Indians to start their own online businesses with no investment.

Patrons can begin their online entrepreneurial journey by simply registering on the Shopsy app with their phone numbers.

Users of Shopsy will be able to share catalogues of a wide selection of 15 Crore products offered by Flipkart sellers, ranging across Fashion, Beauty, Mobiles, Electronics, and Home, among other categories, with the ability to influence their local network and fulfil their aspirations.

Others can connect with potential customers through popular social media and messaging apps.

Young entrepreneurs can now start their own businesses as long as they have access to a network of people who trust them, without having to deal with the hassles of investment, inventory, or logistics management.

Speaking on the development, Prakash Sikaria, Senior Vice President – Growth and Monetization, Flipkart, said, “Over the last many years, Flipkart has been committed to contributing towards creating direct and indirect employment opportunities across the country.”

“Shopsy is launched to further that vision and provide additional earning opportunities for millions of enterprising Indians. Now, anyone from anywhere can start their online business with zero investment. In addition, we are opening up Flipkart’s years of e-commerce expertise for Indian entrepreneurs.”

“Entrepreneurs now will utilize Flipkart’s catalog, established delivery networks, and infrastructure to bring reliability and speed. These benefits will help them enhance the end consumers’ experience, which in turn help them grow their business.”, he added.

People can upload catalogues with potential customers through popular social media and messaging apps, place orders on their behalf, and earn commissions on selling products based on their category.

Several Indian online users do not transact online due to two major challenges: trust and simplicity. Worldwide, ‘distributed commerce’ as a channel has aided in the resolution of these issues and has seen tremendous growth.

Shopsy’s goal is to power e-commerce for communities and third-party channels where these users invest time and trust. The said platform aims to give newcomers to digital commerce access to products by simplifying the process through interactions with a trusted person.

The epidemic has also caused a structural transition in the way entrepreneurs conduct business, consumers shop, and many small and micro businesses have been persuaded to adopt digital commerce in order to remain profitable.

It also created a huge opportunity for innovative e-commerce models to help these businesses become digital brands that cater to customers across India.

Flipkart hopes to enable over 25 million online entrepreneurs to reap the benefits of digital commerce through Shopsy by 2023.

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