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Flipkart ordered to pay Rs 10,000 to customer after cancelling his iPhone order

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Mahindra Logistics partners with Flipkart

The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Central Mumbai, has ordered Flipkart to compensate a customer with Rs 10,000 for mental harassment. 

The decision came after the Walmart-owned company cancelled the customer's iPhone order, a move deemed intentional to garner extra profit, highlighting a deficiency in service and unfair trade practice.

What's the case?

A resident of Dadar, Mumbai, became the focal point of this dispute when his order for an Apple iPhone, placed on July 10, 2022, for Rs 39,628, was unilaterally cancelled by Flipkart. Despite the company's claim of delivery attempts by their partner, Ekart Logistics, the commission found no substantial evidence of such efforts.


The cancellation, communicated via SMS six days post-purchase, led the customer to accuse Flipkart of not just causing financial loss and mental anguish but also exposing him to potential online fraud.

Flipkart's defense

In response to the allegations, Flipkart clarified its role as an intermediary platform, distancing itself from the transaction, which involved the seller, International Value Retail Private Limited, and the customer.

The company argued that the issue lay between the complainant and the seller, emphasizing that it had informed the seller of the customer's grievance. However, the commission noted Flipkart's admission of the order's cancellation and the lack of evidence supporting the claimed delivery attempts.

Commission's verdict

The commission criticized Flipkart for its unilateral decision to cancel the order without proper justification. Despite the refund, the panel stressed the need for compensation for the psychological impact, marking a clear stance against such unfair practices by e-commerce entities.