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Former upGrad executives Ketaki Kadekar and Moytreyee Konwar launch The Leadership Project

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Moytreyee Konwar and Ketaki Kadekar

Moytreyee Konwar and Ketaki Kadekar

Ketaki Kadekar and Moytreyee Konwar, former senior executives at edtech unicorn upGrad, have launched The Leadership Project (TLP).

The new venture aims to deliver leadership content that is globally relevant while being deeply rooted in India’s diverse cultural contexts.

Both Kadekar and Konwar serve as managing partners at TLP, bringing a combined experience of more than 40 years in business and corporate learning and development.

Who are the founders?


Moytreyee Konwar, with over two decades of industry experience, previously served as Vice President of Product and Solutions at upGrad for Business. Her distinguished career includes a notable 20-year tenure at Cognizant, where she excelled as Director of Learning and Development.

Her exceptional contributions have earned her 13 Brandon Hall awards, two of which were won alongside Ketaki Kadekar.

Ketaki Kadekar, formerly the Director of Customer Success and Growth at upGrad for Business, also led as Country Lead for India at Insights, a global industry leader. She is an accredited practitioner of Insights and brain-based coaching and has collaborated with numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Aims to transform traditional leadership paradigms

“Our endeavour is to redefine leadership as an accessible skill for all, dispelling the myth that it is an exclusive trait,” said Moytreyee Konwar. “We aim to equip leaders to consistently show up through the crests and troughs each day for their organizations.”

The Leadership Project seeks to challenge and transform traditional leadership paradigms, providing innovative, practical content from India for the global markets. 

What services does TLP offer?

At TLP, the solutions are crafted to meet the evolving needs of today’s leaders. “We have developed innovative, practical content from India for the global markets. We curate comprehensive leadership learning and development experiences, which include immersive offline and online workshops, on-the-job application exercises, and coaching,” said Ketaki Kadekar.

These experiences are built around key elements of the TLP framework: fostering self-awareness, developing leadership skills, providing toolkits for personal mastery, leading teams, and building businesses.

TLP underscores the critical importance of developing leadership skills at every managerial level.

By 2030, Gen Z and Millennials are expected to constitute 50% of India’s population, surpassing the global average of 46%. This generation demands direct engagement and accountability from their leaders, which necessitates a new approach to leadership.

“Ultimately, we want to help the world see India as a source of inspirational leadership, not just as a provider of skilled talent,” added Moytreyee Konwar. TLP's mission aligns with this need, aiming to create leaders who are prepared to meet these expectations and redefine leadership on a global scale.