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Gen AI startup Ema raises $25M led by Accel, Prosus, others

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Ema Co-founders

Ema Co-founders

Ema, a startup founded by ex-Google employees Souvik Sen, Surojit Chatterjee, and Swati Trehan, is pioneering the future of workplace productivity with its Universal AI Employee.

Launched in March 2023, Ema (short for Enterprise Machine Assistant) is designed to revolutionize how enterprises approach automation, efficiency, and productivity. By enabling the creation of generative AI personas and applications, Ema aims to streamline complex tasks across various domains, fostering a more collaborative and fulfilling workplace.

Raising $25 million in funding 

Ema has raised $25 million in a funding round led by Accel, Section 32, and Prosus Ventures. Wipro Ventures, Venture Highway, Frontier Ventures, MAUM Group, AME Cloud Ventures, and Firebolt Ventures also participated in the round. 


Notably, industry stalwarts such as Sheryl Sandberg, Jerry Yang, and Sridhar Ramaswamy also participated in the round. This capital infusion is earmarked for research and development, enhancing Ema's product suite, and expanding its go-to-market strategy, as per the company's statement. 

Ema's AI solution

Ema's AI solution, dubbed the Universal AI Employee, is a testament to the startup's innovative approach to generative AI. It is built to perform a wide array of tasks by engaging in conversations, understanding context, and making informed decisions, much like a human employee.

The capability is powered by Ema's integration with over 200 software applications, including Salesforce and Workday, and its use of approximately 30 large public language models to ensure accuracy and avoid hallucinations. Ema's proprietary 'fusion of experts' model, EmaFusion, further enhances its performance by combining the strengths of various AI models.

Impact and adoption

The potential of Ema's technology has already begun to manifest in its adoption across customer support, legal, sales, compliance, HR, and IT functions. Enterprises such as Envoy Global, TrueLayer, and Moneyview have onboarded Ema's AI personas, leveraging them for multiple use cases. 

Who are the founders?

The founders, with their rich background in technology and entrepreneurship, bring a wealth of experience to Ema. Surojit Chatterjee, serving as the CEO, has a history of impactful roles, including Chief Product Officer at Coinbase and head of product at Flipkart.

Souvik Sen's expertise as VP of engineering at Okta and an engineering lead at Google, along with Swati Trehan's contributions, form the backbone of Ema's mission to redefine enterprise AI.