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General Motors, Magna, and Wipro to launch SDVerse to transform automotive software market

Sumit Vishwakarma
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General Motors, Magna, and Wipro to launch SDVerse

General Motors (GM), Magna, and Wipro have announced a partnership to create SDVerse, a B2B sales platform designed to revolutionize the automotive software sourcing and procurement process. 

SDVerse aims to serve as a matchmaking platform, connecting buyers and sellers of embedded automotive software, moving away from traditional captive software development methods.

The initiative aims to enhance transparency and efficiency in the automotive software market, facilitating direct connections between parties through a digital platform.

Appointment of CEO


Prashant Gulati has been named CEO of SDVerse, effective March 5th, 2024. He has more than two decades of experience launching and leading automotive organizations and is a thought leader in software technology. He maximizes the potential of emerging technologies, such as AI, in the automotive industry.

Leveraging emerging technologies 

SDVerse is expected to leverage emerging technologies, such as AI, to address the growing demand for automotive software, which is anticipated to nearly double this decade. 

SDVerse aims to bridge the gap between the supply and demand of automotive software, ensuring the industry's move towards software-defined vehicles does not compromise profitability or innovation.

“The market for automotive software is expected to nearly double this decade, potentially outpacing the growth of software development talent pools,” said Harmeet Chauhan, Global Head Wipro Engineering Edge, Wipro Limited. “The current paradigm for software sourcing will likely not be able to overcome this growing gap without sacrificing both profitability and the auto industry’s aspirations for software defined vehicles. SDVerse addresses these pain points, offering a wide range of benefits across the industry.”

What does SDVerse offer? 

According to the company's statement, SDVerse promises a multitude of benefits for its subscribers, including reduced cost, time, and complexity in software development and procurement.

SDVerse aims to foster higher-quality software through increased testing and validation by eliminating duplication of efforts and enabling the reuse of already-developed software. 

The platform also intends to improve resource allocation, allowing OEMs and suppliers to focus on innovation that enhances driver and passenger experiences. Additionally, SDVerse offers a new approach to software sourcing, enabling companies to source software separately from hardware, presenting an attractive alternative to OEM insourcing software development.

Strategic advice from Roland Berger

The development of SDVerse is a collaborative effort between GM, Magna, and Wipro, with strategic advice from global strategy consultant Roland Berger. The platform has garnered support from an exclusive "Launch Partner" group, including industry leaders such as Ampere*, FEV, Forvia, HL Mando, NXP Semiconductors, TTTech Auto, and Valeo.

The collective effort is aimed at fostering collaboration and co-creation of cutting-edge solutions, accelerating the transition to software-defined vehicles.

Konstantin Shirokinskiy, Partner, Roland Berger added, “SDVerse offers a blueprint for OEMs and suppliers to address their embedded software needs more efficiently. It frees up scarce software engineering resources required to roll out new differentiated software features, reorganizes development timelines to more quickly develop better SW-enabled vehicles, and ensures software is valued properly. Companies can streamline their operations, becoming more focused, efficient, and profitable.”

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