Generation India Foundation partners with and AWS re/Start to provide cloud talent for Indian tech industry

Generation India Foundation has partnered with Apnaco and AWS re/Start to create job opportunities for graduates from the AWS re/Start program.

Apna will help graduates build professional skills and connect them to cloud-related jobs via its platform.

The collaboration is designed to meet the growing demand for IT and cloud talent in India.

Apna will leverage its expansive network of employers to facilitate the integration of AWS re/Start graduates into the job market.

AWS re/Start is a free workforce development program that provides training in Linux, Python, networking, security, and relational databases.

Learners are also eligible to take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam, an industry-recognized credential that validates their cloud skills and knowledge.

The program is designed to help individuals launch successful cloud careers, businesses increase their competitive edge, and communities to thrive and grow.