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GitHub launches Innovation Graph; Know what it is

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Microsoft-owned developer platform GitHub today launched a GitHub Innovation Graph, an open data and insights platform designed to emphasize the extensive impact of developers both globally and locally. 

What is GitHub Innovation Graph?

GitHub said the initiative aims to provide a comprehensive overview of innovation, moving beyond traditional measures like patents and research papers, to offer a more nuanced insight into global software development trends.

Mike Linksvayer, VP of Developer Policy at GitHub, said, “We’re releasing the Innovation Graph as a data resource for community reuse, and are excited to see what you build! We think there are opportunities to explore data trends, inform research, make beautiful visualizations, and for developers to show how their contributions relate to broader trends.”


The Innovation Graph provides longitudinal metrics on software development from economies worldwide, offering quarterly data on various aspects of development, including git pushes, developers, organizations, repositories, languages, licenses, and topics, with data dating back to 2020.

The platform is enriched with numerous data visualizations, repository outlines, and methodologies, making it a comprehensive resource for understanding global development trends.

The Indian developer ecosystem

The introduction of the Innovation Graph has brought forth new insights into India’s software development ecosystem, highlighting the country’s pivotal role in the realm of coding and software innovation.

The data captured in the first quarter of 2023 reveals that over 11.4 million Indian developers and more than 440,600 Indian companies are actively building on GitHub, with Indian developers uploading code to GitHub over 12.8 million times and owning over 29.5 million repositories on GitHub.

India’s top collaborators on the platform were identified as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, with JavaScript emerging as the most popular programming language in India, followed by Python and Java.

What is the aim of Innovation Graph?

The Innovation Graph aims to lower barriers for researchers in international development, public policy, and economics fields who are interested in using GitHub data but face challenges in obtaining and utilizing it.

The GitHub Innovation Graph serves as a valuable resource for researchers, policymakers, and developers, offering aggregated data that was previously hard to access and will continue to release new insight reports on various topics of interest to the community.

GitHub, being the global hub for developers, is utilized by over 100 million people, including developers from 90 of the Fortune 100 companies, to build innovative solutions across more than 330 million repositories.

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