Insurtech startup Digit Insurance partners with Vetina Healthcare to offer comprehensive pet insurance plan

Indian insurtech startup Go Digit General Insurance has partnered with Vetina Healthcare LLP to offer comprehensive pet insurance coverage for dogs

The policy will cover a range of different coverages like OPD expenses, critical and specific illness cover, and third-party liability

It will be available for 847 different dog breeds, ranging from pure, cross and indie breeds

The Sum Insured will range from Rs 40,000 to Rs 15 lakh and the premium will begin from Rs 1,879.

Four different types of covers under Digit Pet Insurance can be opted, including OPD Cover, Specific Illness Cover, Critical Illness Cover, and Third-Party Liability Cover

The policy will provide comprehensive coverage to pet dogs and provide protection to furry companions

The policy will pay for any expenses related to various treatments at a veterinary clinic, cover up to 41 specific illnesses, and protect owners from any legal liability

The Double Income No Kids lifestyle, often referred to as the DINK couples, is now also being extended to the DINKWAD (double income, no kids with a dog) couples

The insurtech firm said that the policy is designed to provide a 360-degree comprehensive coverage to pets and give pet owners flexibility to choose covers that are most relevant to them

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