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Godrej & Boyce builds 500 sq ft fully funcational office within 40 hours using this technology

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Godrej & Boyce builds 500 sq ft fully funcational office

Godrej & Boyce, a subsidiary of the Godrej Group and its division, Godrej Construction, built a 500 sq. ft. office space named 'The Cocoon' on its greenfield campus in Khalapur.

Notably, the construction was completed in a record time of 40 hours, leveraging advanced 3D Construction Printing (3DCP) Technology.

What is 'The Cocoon' model?

'The Cocoon' stands out not just for its rapid construction but also for its unique design and structure. It was built using prefabricated modules, emphasizing Godrej Construction's commitment to pushing architectural boundaries.


The company said the office's design is unconventional, featuring a curvilinear elliptical shape, and is entirely column-free, maximizing usable space. The company believes that the project serves as a testament to the potential of 3DCP technology in creating flexible and innovative designs.

Sustainable construction practices

The company said that sustainability was a key focus in the construction of 'The Cocoon'. The concrete mix used for the office included up to 20% Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA), sourced from concrete debris recycled at Godrej & Boyce's facility in Vikhroli, Mumbai. 

The construction of 'The Cocoon' was comprehensive, including 3D printed modules, civil works, waterproofing, flooring, painting, electrical installations, and more. The project also included the installation of office furniture and landscaping, all completed within the 40-hour timeframe, the release notes.

Anup Mathew, Senior Vice President and Business Head of Godrej Construction said, “‘The Cocoon’ is a manifestation of our relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries, not just in terms of architectural design, but also in redefining construction timelines." 

He emphasized the role of effective team collaboration, project planning, and the use of tools like Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Lean Construction methods in achieving this milestone.

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