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Sundar Pichai-led Google launches Gemini mobile app in India, available in 9 Indian languages

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google deepmind launches gemini

Sundar Pichai-led technology giant Google has launched the mobile app of Gemini, its AI assistant, in the Indian market. 

“The app allows you to type, talk, or even add an image to get the assistance you need. Take a picture of a flat tire for instructions on how to change it, or get help writing that perfect thank you note – the possibilities are endless. This marks a significant step forward in our journey to build a truly conversational, multimodal, and helpful AI assistant," the company said. 

Available in 9 Indian languages

The tech giant announced that both the Gemini app and Gemini Advanced, which provides access to its most capable AI models, will now be available in nine Indian languages.


The nine languages are Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. Additionally, nine local languages will be integrated into Gemini Advanced.

Introducing new features in Gemini Advanced

Moreover, Google has introduced new features in Gemini: Advanced, which include new data analysis capabilities, file uploads, and the ability to chat with Gemini in Google Messages in English.

Users can upload multiple large documents (up to 1,500 pages) or summarize 100 emails. This feature provides quick summaries, personalized feedback, and actionable insights. For data analysis, users can upload spreadsheets, and Gemini Advanced will clean, explore, analyze, and visualize the data, transforming it into interactive charts and graphs.

Apart from India, the Gemini app has also been launched in Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

How can users access Gemini?

For Android users, the Gemini app can be downloaded directly or accessed through Google Assistant by corner swiping, pressing the power button on select phones, or saying "Hey Google."

The new overlay experience provides easy access to Gemini and contextual help on the screen. Features such as setting timers, making calls, and setting reminders are also available.

For iOS users, access to Gemini will roll out directly from the Google app over the next few weeks. Users can tap the Gemini toggle to start chatting and enhance their productivity and creativity.

Google said files uploaded to Gemini are kept private to the user and are not used to train AI models, ensuring users' personal information remains secure.