Google Maps Can Now Search For EV Charging Stations By Plugs Type

Google’s uniqueness is its futuristic vision and its speed of up-gradation to serve and satisfy customer needs. Electric vehicles are the next big thing and we can witness google’s extension to give the best through a new feature added. 

Google maps had introduced EV charger functionality in the month of October last year. Later, came the feature that shows whether a charging station is currently in use. Now, the latest add-on is the ability to check the suitable charging station based on the plug points. 

The need for this arises as all the electric vehicles have different types of plugs, for example, Nissan and Mitsubishi use CHAdeMO, Tesla uses its proprietary plug type and BMW and VW use CCS plug.  However, the users can choose from different plugs, including J1772, CCS (Combo 1), Type 2, CCS (Combo 2), CHAdeMO, and Tesla.

The owners of EVs will now find it easier to locate charging stations based on their compatibility. This is done by updating the type of plugin settings in Google Maps to get the matched search results. 

The settings procedure is as follows:

Google Maps > Settings > Electric Vehicle Settings >Your Plugs > Choose and save

Android Police reports that the functionality is available in the USA, and the UK in both Google Maps’ iOS and Android apps. However, the feature doesn’t appear to be available everywhere just yet. For example, despite listing many (though not all) charging stations in Amsterdam, the iOS app didn’t give us an option to filter by plug type. India, fortunately, has the feature. Delhi’s map lists charging stations for Mahindra erickshaw Alpha, Hero Electric and erickshaw, Delta Ev charge.

The absence of an added feature was reported by GizmoChina, a news channel cum review provider. Fortunately and unfortunately, this upgrade may end the users’ reliability of using third-party apps like PlugShare.


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