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Sundar Pichai-led Google to take action against 10 developers in India for not paying service fee

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Google to take action against 10 developers

Sundar Pichai-led Google said that it will begin enforcing its App Store billing policies, which would delist 10 popular apps as they have reportedly chosen not to pay for the services.

The decision follows a prolonged period during which these developers have not paid for services provided by Google Play despite securing interim protections from the court. 

The core of the issue

The dispute is Google's app billing policy, which has been a point of contention between the tech giant and several Indian app developers. Despite being given more than three years to comply, including a grace period after a Supreme Court order, some developers have continued to resist integrating Google's billing system or opting for one of the alternative billing options provided.


This resistance has led to an uneven playing field, disadvantaging other apps that comply with Google's policies.

The affected parties

While Google has not officially disclosed the names of the non-compliant companies, reports suggest that the action targets apps from notable Indian companies, including the flagship app of the matrimony platform Shaadi.com, and streaming platforms like Altt, Stage, and Aha, among others.

These companies were among the petitioners in a Supreme Court case against Google's billing policies, indicating the broader implications of this enforcement action on India's digital ecosystem.

The developers at the centre of this controversy have expressed varied reactions. Some, like Info Edge, have claimed compliance with Google's policies and timely payment of dues since the Supreme Court's decision.

Others, like Matrimony.com, are reviewing their next steps in light of Google's notice. This mixed response underscores the complex dynamics between large tech platforms and app developers, especially in a vibrant digital market like India.