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Govt launches Skill India Digital platform to help people find jobs

Jaya Vishwakarma
14 Sep 2023
Dharmendra Pradhan

Dharmendra Pradhan

Union Minister for Education and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Dharmendra Pradhan, today launched the Skill India Digital (SID) platform to revolutionize the skill development, education, and entrepreneurship sectors in India. 


The platform, which aligns with the visions outlined in the G20 framework, intends to be a central hub for all government initiatives related to skill development and entrepreneurship, offering a range of industry-relevant courses, job opportunities, and support for entrepreneurs. 

What is Skill India Digital (SID) 

Skill India Digital (SID) is the Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) for skilling, education, employment, and entrepreneurship ecosystem of India. The new platform supports multiple Indian languages, promoting inclusivity and a diverse learning environment. 


It integrates several advanced features including Aadhaar/AI-based facial authentication, WhatsApp chatbot, interoperability, digital learning resources, and AI and machine learning recommendations to facilitate personalized learning experiences and career growth. 

Notably, The platform includes Digitally Verified Credentials that allows individuals to securely and authentically showcase their qualifications and skills in a digital format.

Furthermore, the platform encourages the creation of digital CVs through personalized QR codes, enabling easy access to an individual's portfolio of skills and achievements. This will help in streamlining the hiring process and enhance the visibility of individuals' qualifications, according to a press statement.

The platform is built to incorporate training programs initiated by both central and state governments, aiming to create a centralized hub for skill development initiatives across various sectors and regions.

During the launch event, several Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) were signed with prominent organizations including Infosys, Microsoft, and UNICEF, to further digital skilling and enhance industry participation and learner engagement.

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