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Grameen Foundation partners with ONDC to empower women and small enterprises through digital inclusion

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Grameen Foundation partners with ONDC

The Grameen Foundation for Social Impact and the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at driving socio-economic development and digital inclusion for diverse business entities.

The primary goal of this initiative is to support Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), nano, micro, small, and medium enterprises (NMSMEs), Self Help Groups (SHGs), women entrepreneurs, and start-ups through digital solutions.

The collaboration is designed to leverage the strengths of both organizations to improve the quality of life for the poor, particularly women, by fostering financial inclusion, digital literacy, and entrepreneurship.

Leadership comments


Grameen Foundation and ONDC aim to democratize the digital economy, ensuring its transformative power reaches every corner of society.

Bharati Joshi, Interim CEO of Grameen Foundation for Social Impact, highlighted the global vision of Grameen, stating, “Globally, Grameen aims to put poverty in museums. We lead with gender and transform through technology. We believe in investing in the power of the poor, especially women so that they can ensure a quality life for themselves and their families. We see the ONDC Network as a natural collaborator in bridging the gap in information and market access and blurring digital boundaries for the last mile.”

Shireesh Joshi, Chief Business Officer of ONDC, said, “The ONDC Network is committed to fostering an inclusive digital ecosystem that provides equal opportunities for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds. By breaking down barriers, we are empowering diverse entities, from nano enterprises to women entrepreneurs, to thrive in the digital economy. Together with the Grameen Foundation for Social Impact, we are looking forward to democratizing the digital economy and ensuring that its transformative power reaches every corner of our society.”

What does the Grameen Foundation do?

Grameen Foundation has been at the forefront of enabling the poor, especially women, to overcome poverty and hunger. Its programs promote entrepreneurship, digital literacy, and financial inclusion.

Over recent years, Grameen has been actively exploring ways to improve the quality and viability of business correspondents who are crucial for financial inclusion at the last mile. By collaborating with the ONDC Network, Grameen aims to enhance the onboarding process for the digitally excluded, ensuring it is both efficient and seamless.

The initiative will employ various methods such as education, sensitization, and facilitation to ensure smooth onboarding. This induction process will provide numerous business opportunities for FPOs, NMSMEs, SHGs, women entrepreneurs, and startups.

The collaboration between Grameen and ONDC is expected to accelerate digital inclusion and facilitate the business development of these entities and their members.