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Growth marketing startup Pravis acquires stake in adtech gaming platform StreamO

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Pravis acquires stake in adtech gaming platform StreamO

Pravis, founded by ex-Momspresso leaders Vishal Gupta and Prashant Sinha, has acquired a stake in StreamO, an adtech gaming platform.

The partnership aims to explore the significant business potential in the growing gaming sector, with a particular focus on engaging the Gen-Z demographic.

StreamO network

StreamO was founded by Tushaar Garg in 2021 to connect brands with gamers and their live watchers. The platform has a network of over 20,000 gamers and a Gen-Z subscriber base exceeding 300 million.


Vishal Gupta, co-founder of StreamO, highlighted the unique opportunities in gaming, saying, "Gaming presents an unprecedented opportunity to reach the Gen-Z audience, a demographic that is notoriously difficult to engage through traditional media. With StreamO, we are positioned uniquely to leverage the explosive growth of live gaming platforms and the passionate Gen-Z communities they nurture. Tushaar is one of the thought leaders in the gaming space in India, and we are delighted to partner with him on this journey."

Partnership with top brands

StreamO has already collaborated with top brands, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Intel, Sony PlayStation, OnePlus, Hero, Crocs, Taco Bell, and Spotify, fostering more than 100 significant brand engagements. 

The partnership with Pravis is expected to strengthen StreamO's leadership in connecting brands with the engaged Gen-Z gaming community.

Pravis founders

Vishal Gupta and Prashant Sinha, the founders of Pravis, leveraged their experience from Momspresso, which they exited to Honasa (Mamaearth). They created Pravis to focus on growth marketing and organic brand growth.

Prashant Sinha, co-founder of StreamO, emphasized their understanding of brand interactions, stating, "Drawing from our learnings from Momspresso's MyMoney platform, we understand the dynamics of micro-influencer and brand interactions very well. With StreamO, we aim to apply these insights to expand and deepen our brand engagements by 10X in the next 12 months."

Leadership comments

Tushaar Garg, founder and CEO of StreamO, said, "StreamO has already set a benchmark in the gaming community by fostering authentic connections between brands and gamers. With the addition of Vishal and Prashant, we are excited to propel this success to new heights. Their expertise in influencer marketing and strategic brand partnerships will be instrumental in accelerating our growth and business."