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Groww once again faces technical glitch; users unable to see balance; Here's what the company said

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Zerodha's rival, Groww, has once again disappointed its users as the online trading platform faced a technical glitch this morning, resulting in users being unable to view their wallet balances.

Dozens of Groww users took to X (formerly Twitter) to report that they were unable to see their wallet balances.

Groww's response to technical glitch 


In response to the increasing complaints, Groww issued an apology and later said that the issue had been resolved.

"Thank you for your patience and trust. We're pleased to inform you that the issue has been successfully resolved," the company stated.

Although the issue was fixed, the internet continued to share memes.

Netizens reaction

Two weeks ago, numerous Groww users reported that the app was facing several issues when they attempted to log in for intraday trading.

"Groww, this is not the first time you guys are repeating the same mistake, with continuous server issues on important days," one user wrote.