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VIRAL: Gujarat Police use paraglider to monitor 'Lili Parikrama' from the sky

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Gujarat Police use paraglider to monitor

In a novel approach to managing large crowds, the Gujarat Police have adopted paramotoring for surveillance during the Lili Parikrama in Junagadh.

The event, which drawn an estimated 15 lakh devotees, was started on November 23rd. According to Gujarat Police, The use of paramotoring, a form of powered paragliding, aims to enhance security and order during this significant religious gathering.

The Lili Parikrama is an annual five-day event, beginning with Devuthni Ekadashi and concluding with Kartik Purnamashi. It involves a 36-kilometer circumambulation around Mount Girnar, a revered site in Hinduism.

Devotees traverse through dense forests, encountering sacred locations and temples such as Gorakhnath, Ambamata, Augadh, Guru Dattatreya, and Kalika, along with natural wonders like ponds and rivers.


A video showcasing a Gujarat police officer expertly maneuvering a paramotor above Junagadh city has gone viral on social media platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter).

The footage shows the officer's skill in using the motorized paraglider for aerial surveillance, capturing the attention of netizens and sparking discussions about futuristic policing techniques.

Social media reactions

The viral video has elicited a range of reactions from social media users. Many expressed admiration for this innovative surveillance method, while others suggested the potential use of drones for more effective monitoring.

"Is the policeman here monitoring anything, or more focused on ensuring his safety (which BTW, is the right thing to do)," a user wrote on X.

"What could they see from up there? Why don't they use drones for more effective surveillance?" another wrote.

Paramotoring requires the pilot to initiate a running start before using a hand-held throttle to ascend. The Gujarat police said that its personnel underwent specialized training to proficiently handle this equipment, which is similar to traditional paragliders but includes a compact engine for propulsion.

While there are no formal certification requirements for paramotor pilots, the training ensures safe and effective operation during the surveillance tasks.

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