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HCLTech extends partnership with Intel Foundry to co-develop customised silicon solutions semiconductor manufacturers

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HCLTech extends partnership with Intel Foundry

Indian technology company HCLTech today said it is extending its partnership with Intel Foundry to co-develop custom silicon solutions aimed at semiconductor manufacturers, system OEMs, and cloud service providers.

The company said the initiative is designed to bolster foundry services worldwide, merging HCLTech's design prowess with Intel Foundry's cutting-edge technology and manufacturing capabilities.

It is expected to usher in a new era of innovation and excellence by establishing a resilient and diversified supply chain, the company said.

Meeting global semiconductor demand


The collaboration between HCLTech and Intel Foundry aims to cater to the varied silicon needs of clients by offering a robust and inclusive ecosystem for semiconductor sourcing.

"Intel Foundry’s advanced technologies and silicon-verified IPs in manufacturing and advanced packaging strengthen our delivery of innovative, accessible and diverse solutions to our mutual clients. This will also give them greater choice and flexibility in semiconductor sourcing," said Vijay Guntur, President, Engineering and R&D Services, HCLTech.

Both company's partnerships have evolved through shared offerings and joint investments in various domains, including silicon services, hardware engineering, telecom services, servers, and storage engineering. This long-standing collaboration has laid the foundation for the current expansion of their partnership.

Fostering a strong ecosystem

Rahul Goyal, Vice President and GM of Product & Design Ecosystem Enablement at Intel Foundry, emphasized the goal of fostering a strong and open ecosystem. 

"We are excited to further strengthen our collaboration with HCLTech to foster a strong and open ecosystem that is approachable and beneficial for all clients needing advanced silicon solutions,” said Rahul Goyal, Vice President and GM, Product & Design Ecosystem Enablement, Intel Foundry.