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'He stepped closer to me and abused': Bengaluru woman shares distressing experience with Ola auto driver

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Bengaluru woman shares distressing experience with Ola auto driver

Bhavish Aggarwal-led Ola is widely recognized for providing convenient ride-hailing services to travelers.

However, a Bengaluru woman named "Tanisha Mallya", who goes by the username "@tanisha_mallya", recently shared a distressing experience with an Ola auto driver.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Tanya said she booked an Ola Auto for Rs 347-356 for a 25-km journey. As Tanya claims, after reaching the destination, the driver demanded and confronted her with more money than the final bill amount. 


"When I stood my ground about paying him Rs 356, which the app clearly showed on both his and my phone, he started shouting at me to pay him the amount he was asking for because Ola shouldn’t show such a low price,” she wrote. 

Tanya, who described the whole incident in a series of tweets, said that when she fought back that the driver should take this issue with Ola, the driver started using swear words and asked to get back in the auto so that he could "leave me where he picked me up" & that I should raise an issue w/ customer support if I don’t want to pay him Rs 470.

"After paying him 356 & trying to walk into my apartment gate, he started creating a scene & screaming more abusive words at me,” she added.

“I was lucky that I lived with my family & my father could come to step in & yet when I mentioned that he was cursing at me, he stepped closer to me & started screaming in my face that I was lying."

"This is a deeply shocking situation & I have not been able to get any support from Olacabs so far, not even a chance to speak to their customer care.”

However, Bengaluru police responded to the tweet and asked the complainant to reach out to them for further action.

After searching on the app, Tanya came to know that Ola Cabs has started a new fare system based on metre trends and hence there’s a range for payment. "But that does not mean the driver can ask for any amount & the customer should pay," Tanya said.

She further said that she was lucky that she was able to argue back in Kannada. According to Tanya, the incident happened in a span of 10 minutes, around 8:10 PM.

"Due to this new metre fare system or for reasons I don't know, I cannot get an invoice or the driver's details and his vehicle number in my Ola history section to raise a complaint. Just the CRN 8486476575," she wrote.

As Tanya's post went viral, Ola Cabs contacted Tanya and informed her that the company had taken necessary action on this incident.