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Hippo Video raises $8M to drive sales engagement with personalized videos

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Hippo Video raises $8M to drive sales engagement with personalized videos

Hippo Video Team

Hippo Video, a leading interactive video platform to increase sales engagement, recently raised $8 million in a funding round led by Dallas Venture Capital (DVC), with participation from Alpha Wave Incubation, KAE Capital, and Exfinity Venture Partners.


The startup plans to use the raised capital to expand its customer use cases across the U.S. market.

Operating in a challenging macro-environment, sales leaders across all industries are under immense pressure to increase productivity and efficiency and achieve revenue targets – in many cases, with fewer resources.

Hippo Video’s generative AI engine, Humanize AI, allows for hundreds of hyper-personalized videos to be made in a single day, leading to an increase in meetings booked, higher engagement, and improved win rates.

The startup said its comprehensive platform enables sales teams to significantly increase engagement with personalized video outreach, delivering a level of ROI that is unattainable with other solutions.

“Businesses realize that video is a more impactful medium to establish better relationships that turn prospects into customers – but they have been unable to capture its full potential in the sales process,” said Karthi Mariappan, co-founder and CEO of Hippo Video.

“By humanizing conversations with hyper-personalized, interactive videos, and enabling sales teams to distribute custom videos at scale, Hippo Video helps sales teams increase the pipeline and engagement which translates into higher win rates and revenue. This new capital will help us reach more companies in need of automated video technology to help them stand out among their prospects.”

Using Hippo Video’s patent-pending AI Editor removes the complexity associated with scalable video editing, seamlessly transcribing video audio for sales teams to edit faster and create professional-looking videos in just a few clicks.

Communication with prospective customers is also made more impactful with the Hippo Video platform as it offers the inclusion of buttons, links to forms, polls, or call to actions inside the actual videos, providing an interactive viewing experience for prospects while collecting invaluable feedback and insights.

It also gives users the ability to record personal introductions and stitch them with pre-recorded videos for a tailor-fit output for every prospect.

“Hippo Video is a pioneer in leveraging generative AI and has built a multi-channel video marketing and sales engagement platform for enterprise users to create, share, and distribute engaging videos to improve outcomes for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams,” said Dayakar Puskoor, founder of Dallas Venture Capital.

“We are thrilled to invest in Hippo Video that has demonstrated exponential growth in customers, users, and revenue.” “As a cross-border venture capital firm, DVC has long been identifying and investing in early state B2B SaaS companies based in India and helping them scale globally by leveraging our DVC Advantage platform,” added Puskoor.

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