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Holani Group raises Rs 184 crore for SME Focused Fund

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Ashok Holani Holani Group

Ashok Holani, Director of Holani Consultants Private Limited

Venture Capital Fund, a Rs 300 crore SME-focused fund launched last month in Jaipur and promoted by a renowned name in the investing realm—The Holani Group—has received Rs  184 crore one month after its launch.

Holani Venture Capital Fund aims to capitalize on investment opportunities within the SME sector.

Holani Group's entry into the investment sector

The Holani group forayed into the fund management and investment sector on April 3rd, 2024, when it received the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) approval for registration of its Alternate Investment Fund, enabling it to operate as an Equity Fund house. 


The green signal from the markets regulator enabled Holani Group to receive the investor monies for the dynamic Indian equity markets. The fund also has a green shoe option to retain additional Rs 100 crore.

Leadership comments

“We are thankful to all the investors for the faith shown by them and for parking Rs 184 crore in just one month of the launch of our fund. We stand by our commitment to empower SMEs and fuel their growth. With our sector-agnostic strategy, meticulous research and prudent risk management, we aim to create long-term value for our clients while fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth in India through our fund,” said Ashok Holani, Director of Holani Consultants Private Limited.

The Venture Capital Fund (VCF) -- Holani Venture Capital Fund Category I AIF (Alternate Investment Fund) – is an Indian growth capital private equity fund that is managed and sponsored by Holani Capital Advisors LLP.  

The fund has now been duly registered under SEBI as Category I AIF – Venture Capital Fund.