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Hyderabad Angels Fund launches Rs 150 crore VC fund for tech, AI startups

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Hyderabad Angels Fund

Hyderabad Angels Fund (HAF) has announced the launch of its first venture capital fund, a Category 1 Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), with a target corpus of Rs 150 crore. 

The fund, which has already achieved its first close at Rs 50 crore, is set to revolutionize early-stage startup investments by focusing on technology and AI-driven scalability.

With an aim to allocate up to Rs 5 crore across 20 companies, the firm is prioritizing ventures that demonstrate a strong potential for growth through technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

Focusing on growth and scalability


The sector-agnostic fund is focused on investing in startups at the Pre-Series A/Series A stages. The firm is also committed to follow-on investments. This strategic approach is designed to foster the growth of startups that are positioned for scalability and success.

A diverse and experienced investor base

Hyderabad Angels Fund has an investor base comprising serial entrepreneurs and business leaders from a variety of sectors, including Pharma, Health Sciences, and Technology. Notably, the fund's management partners, who are among the largest investors, bring a wealth of experience and a track record of success.

Empowering founders 

The fund is not just about financial investment; it's also about building a dynamic, collaboration-driven platform. According to Sri Myneni and Kishore Ganji, Managing Partners of HAF, the firm aims to create an environment where founders can secure financial backing while tapping into the collective wisdom of accomplished Limited Partners (LPs).

This approach aims to empower founders to achieve their visions by leveraging the decade-long investment expertise of Hyderabad Angels, which has fueled the growth of numerous innovative businesses across various sectors.

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