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Hyderabad man finds fungus on Cadbury's Dairy Milk, Netizens says 'kuch fungus hojaye'

Jaya Vishwakarma
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A Hyderabad-based customer unwrapped a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk and was shocked to find fungus on the chocolate, which was well within its expiration date. 

The customer, who goes by the username @goooofboll (That Hyderabadi Pilla), took to X and shared four pictures of the chocolate bar, which was covered with fungus and had jagged edges.

One picture showed a few slabs loaded with fungus, while another displayed a hole in the chocolate and bubbling edges.

"The manufacturing date of this Dairy Milk was January 2024; it expires 12 months after manufacture. I found them like this when I opened it. Please look into this," he wrote while tagging Cadbury Dairy Milk's official X handle.


The post was first shared on the night of April 27, 2024, and since then, it has garnered over 600,000 views, along with reactions and suggestions from netizens.

While some users shared their similar experiences, a section of users urged the customer to file a case in consumer court.

"File a case with the consumer court, attaching pictures and the details of the shop/supermarket from where you purchased it. Don’t let it go," a user advised.

"It’s all because of something called 'chocolate bloom.' When your chocolate goes from warm to cold and back again, it can change its chemical structure. This happens because the cocoa butter in the chocolate melts and separates from the rest, causing it to crystallize," another user explained.

"Cadbury Dairy Milk 'Kuch fungus ho jaye,'" a third user humorously wrote.

Cadbury Dairy Milk also responded to the post. "Hi, Mondelez India Foods Private Limited (formerly Cadbury India Ltd) endeavors to maintain the highest quality standards, and we regret to note that you have had an unpleasant experience," the company wrote.