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'If any startup is doing this...I'm ready to invest': Mahindra on autonomous robot cleaning rivers

Jaya Vishwakarma
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anand mahindra shares autonomous robot for cleaning rivers video

Anand Mahindra, the visionary billionaire known for leading the Mahindra Group, has recently turned the spotlight towards an innovative solution for one of the most pressing environmental issues in India—water pollution.


Mahindra, in a post on X (formerly Twitter), shared a captivating video showcasing an autonomous robot with the capability to clean rivers. 

The autonomous robot featured in his post, seems to be of Chinese origin, became a beacon for Mahindra's call to action. He highlighted the critical need for such technologies in India, a country where rivers, lifelines of its civilization, are in dire need of rejuvenation. 


Mahindra shows his readiness to invest

Notably, Mahindra also shown his readiness to invest in startups that are working on this kind of innovation in environmental technologies.

"We need to make these…right here…right now… If any startups are doing this…I’m ready to invest," Mahindra wrote in a post on X. 

Netizens reaction

Netizens praised Anand Mahindra's intiative towards empowering innovation and startups in the country. 

 "Only Mahindra can make it in India. Please do it sir," a user write in reply to Mahindra's post.

"Anand sir is a real Shark who is not in the Shark Tank.😛," another wrote.

A user named Raghav shared a YouTube video of a vehicle that performs the same task but requires manpower.

Does India have an autonomous robot for cleaning rivers?

India has indeed developed an autonomous robot for cleaning rivers, named 'Ro-boat.' This innovative robot was created by Aakash Sinha, a young Indian entrepreneur. The Ro-boat is designed to autonomously detect, collect, and remove various pollutants, including chemical substances and floating debris, using robotic arms to gather sludge and other wastes.

It operates with minimal human intervention, equipped with features like antifog lights and a panoramic zoom camera, allowing it to work around the clock in all weather conditions. Thanks to its solar panels and an efficient double helix motor, the Ro-boat is energy-efficient and capable of navigating rivers effectively.

It can even submerge to clean pollutants from river beds. The robot works 12 hours a day, can carry up to 15 kg of waste, and has the potential to clean up to 600 kg of waste daily, amounting to 200 tonnes annually.

The robot was tested in the Yamuna River as part of the Ganges River Action Plan and engineers believe that 50 Ro-boats could clean a river in six months. Notably, The technology has also been recognized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and US-AID as a significant innovation in water and sanitation.

The project was initiated by Omnipresent Robot Technologies, a drone and camera-based AI analytics platform.

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