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IIT Madras Ecell to host 100 Innovative Startups at E-Summit 2024 Startup Expo

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IIT Madras

The Entrepreneurship Cell of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) is set to host an exceptional event, the Startup Expo. The grand expo, touted as the largest product showcase in the southern region, aims to offer a unique and unparalleled opportunity for 100 innovative startups

What is Startup Expo?

Startup Expo is a key part of E-Summit 24, a grand entrepreneurial fest from 7th March to 10th March. The fest encompasses a range of events designed to foster a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship

Startup Expo stands out for its grand scale with a footfall of 15,000, hosting a wide array of startups, each presenting their cutting-edge products and services in their stalls. These startups will get the chance to interact with 1000 potential customers and 100 investors. Incubators and enablers would also have the opportunity to put up their stalls in the expo.


Offering opportunities and exposure

The expo offers startups the chance to showcase their innovations to a diverse audience, including students, investors, incubators, accelerators, E-Summit attendees, professors, and industrialists. 

The strategic placement of stalls in the most crowd-engaging areas of the institute will provide maximum visibility and interaction for the participating startups, providing invaluable exposure for those looking to make a mark in their respective industries.

Investment Opportunities: The event serves as a hotspot for venture capitalists and investors looking to invest in promising and innovative startups.

Real-time Market Insights: Receiving feedback is crucial for refining products and strategies, ensuring startups meet the market's needs and preferences.

Diving into the IIT Madras Ecosystem: Participating in the Startup Expo allows startups to immerse themselves in IIT Madras’s rich pool of talent, innovation, and expertise.

Product Launch Platform: The expo serves as an ideal platform for launching new products in front of a knowledgeable audience, making it the perfect stage for unveiling new innovations.

Details of Stall Tiers: The expo features different tiers of stalls - Silver, Gold, and Platinum - each offering varying levels of deliverables and visibility. These options allow startups to choose a stall that best fits their needs, budget, and size. All prices for different tier stalls will be discussed by the team. For more information regarding stalls, visit the Startup Expo website.

How to register? 

The registrations for the event has already started and will end on 1st March. Once registered, the representatives will get in touch to iron out all the details and prices for different types of stalls.

Register here: Startup Expo