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IN-SPACe releases guidelines for implementation of Indian Space Policy 2023

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Indian Space Policy 2023

The Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe) has unveiled new norms, guidelines, and procedures (NGP) with the aim of enhancing the implementation of the Indian Space Policy 2023, particularly concerning the authorization of space activities.

The policy, which was released in April, allows Non-Governmental Entities (NGEs) to participate comprehensively in space activities.

The new NGP is intended to create a consistent regulatory environment and facilitate business operations in India's space sector.

Authorization requirements


The NGP document identifies the space activities requiring authorization from IN-SPACe, outlines the criteria for obtaining these approvals, and provides guidance for applicants. Any entity involved in space activities within or from Indian territory, including the exclusive economic zone, must obtain authorization from IN-SPACe.

The document clarifies that only Indian entities can apply directly for authorization, while non-Indian entities can do so through an Indian partner or representative.

Strategic focus

IN-SPACe was established in October 2021 to encourage private sector participation in space activities. The organization regulates and authorizes space activities by both government and non-government entities while promoting and supervising NGEs involved in these activities. 

The government's recent relaxation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regulations permits 100% foreign investment in satellite component manufacturing, encouraging overseas participation and investment. The NGP is aligned with this strategic focus, creating a predictable regulatory regime and enhancing business transparency.

Implementation guidelines

The 147-page NGP document, released on May 3, details how various players can seek authorization for space activities, including establishing and operating space objects, launching rockets, establishing launchpads, and planning the re-entry of space objects.

The document specifies the authorization criteria and outlines the necessary guidelines and prerequisites for applicants. The NGP aligns with the broader Indian Space Policy 2023, which defines the roles of various government bodies and private entities in the country's space ecosystem.

The release of the Indian Space Policy 2023 marked a significant moment for India's space sector. The new policy allows NGEs to participate in end-to-end space activities, aligning with IN-SPACe's mandate to regulate, authorize, and support these entities.