Social Media: 50% Increase In Content Removal Request To Twitter From India

  • India is now the fifth-largest requester for the removal of content on Twitter.
  • Twitter said it received a total of 782 legal content removal requests from the Indian government.
  •  India had placed a total of 3,264 information requests to Twitter

Social Media: The microblogging platform Twitter received a total of 3264 information requests and 2,692 Legal demands from the Indian government.

According to the reports, India is now the fifth-largest requester for the removal of content on the microblogging platform Twitter. At the global level, India stood 9% of the overall request for content removal.

Furthermore, The Indian government placed a total of 3,264 information requests of the accounts to Twitter.

Nearly 80% of the total global volume of legal demands originated from only three countries: JapanRussia, and Turkey. Meanwhile, Japan is the top requester for the removal of content on Twitter.

South Korea is ranked fourth at 5%, followed by India as the fifth largest requester at 3% global volume.

Moreover, Content removal requests from countries like Japan increased by 143%, 45% global content removal requests received by Japan this reporting period. The next top requesters were Russia (22% of global legal demands) and Turkey (19% of global legal demands), which has historically been the highest requester until this reporting period. said, Twitter report.

Twitter said it had witnessed a 47% increase in the content removal request on its platform during the period under review compared to the last reporting period (January-June 2019).

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“In 2020, it is more important than ever that we shine a light on our own practices, including how we enforce the Twitter rules, our ongoing work to disrupt global state-backed information operations, and the increased attempts by governments to request information about account holders”, said the Twitter report.

Comparing India with Japan in terms of information requests and legal demands. Japan is on the top by 18% of the global information requests (73,658 worldwide) and legal demands (100,945 Worldwide). Meanwhile, India is in the 5th position by 4% of the global requests, and 2% in legal demands (removal requests).

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