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India's Amul goes global; enters US market

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Indian dairy giant Amul, which is known for its iconic tagline 'Taste of India,' has entered the US market with the launch of its fresh milk products.

The strategic move marks Amul's first venture into the international fresh milk market, aiming to cater to the substantial Indian and Asian diaspora in the US.

Jayen Mehta, Managing Director of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), which operates Amul, announced the partnership with the Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA), a 108-year-old dairy cooperative in the US, to bring Amul's fresh products to American consumers.

What will Amul offer?


Amul will introduce four variants of milk in the US market: Amul Taaza, Amul Gold, Amul Shakti, and Amul Slim n Trim to cater to diverse consumer preferences.

The company said these products will be available in one-gallon and half-gallon packs across leading Indian grocery stores on the East Coast and Midwest regions. It believes that the partnership with MMPA will ensure that the milk collection and processing meet high standards, with GCMMF overseeing marketing and branding efforts.

Targeting the diaspora

The launch is specifically designed to appeal to non-resident Indians (NRIs) and the broader Asian population in the US. Amul plans to focus on branding and marketing in the initial months, with expectations of a positive response from the diaspora.

Following the milk launch, Amul aims to introduce other dairy products like paneer, curd, and buttermilk, further expanding its product range in the US market.

It's worth mentioning that Amul processes more than 3.5 crore litres of milk daily and exports to over 50 countries, with a network involving thousands of farmers and cooperative committees.