Indian Startups Unite to fight COVID-19 pandemic through Technology

Indian Startups founders Unite

It all started in the early days of quarantine when Indian Startups founders created Whatsapp and Telegram groups. As a result, around 600 members flooding these two social media platforms making it a war room to fight this crisis. The hashtag “Startups Vs COVID-19” became an emblem for community activities during the crisis.

Initially, four founders of Indian Startups started the coalition and others joining them. They are having enough resources in hand now to help through their efforts. Reducing transmission, scaling up testing, preparing for stage 3, ensuring the reach of health care and essentials supply.

One side where 1.3 Bn people are on quarantine The mobilization of the startup community is inspiring. Udhyam founder Mekin Maheswari and Indifi founder Alok Mittal decided on a call to do something about the challenge staring at humanity today. Along with Mittal and Maheswari joined Urban Company’s Abhiraj Bahl and Bounce’s Vivekananda Hallekere. It was a personal choice for these CEOs to impact humanity with problem-solving in these grave situations.

Indian Startups Mindset Creation

Industry experts have told founders of Indian Startups to behave like Wartime CEOs with undivided focus on survival. “It is a global crisis which this generation is witnessing. So we have to learn rapidly act swiftly against this problem,” said Maheswari sounding like a soldier on the frontline in war.

These are some qualities entrepreneurs should possess right now to succeed in the cut-throat business world. Hustling should be every entrepreneur’s top skill and many have brought it together to fight this natural calamity. The Big concern is if the virus spreads in the country what kind of action we will take to stop it. Because India currently lacks high specialty medical facilities like ventilators and hospital Beds.

In regard to the above problem, Wittyfeed cofounder Parveen Singhal said, we are trying to reach out to celebs and government bodies. They are looking towards finding a solution to this upcoming problem.

Become a Helping Hand

The coalition launched a mobile helpline for Karnataka’s government to help connect people with doctors. As a result, individuals with symptoms started reporting on the platforms, and they also created a heat map of the pandemic. It has content in ten regional languages and available outside tier-1 cities. They have also taken hotels into collab and decided to turn them into free quarantine zones. They have ensured the supply of essentials during the 21-day lockdown.

The power of collaboration is not hidden because when experts and creators collab they produce great solutions. The Startups are creating numerous platforms to report symptoms and patient tracking devices etc. Startups do not work by collaborating but now is the time to cross boundaries of the organization and help humanity. This was the motto of creating the group Startups Vs COVID-19.

The Culture of Collab

The work scenario mentioned above is not how startups perform but to handle this war-like situation it has inspired the startup community to come together. Everyone in this ecosystem from the growth stage to a successful organization has played there part to fight this pandemic. Whether it is building solutions or donating individual’s resources everyone has collaborated to save humanity in different ways.

Some cofounders and former executives of companies like Mobikwik, Uber, and Oyo have started a digital campaign. Leaders like Upasna Taku, Vartika Bansal lead #StopTheSpread of Coronavirus and #LeadBoldly campaign. These campaigns helped leaders to realize the need for social distancing and work from home ideology.

Paytm CEO, Vijay Shekhar Sharma has decided to give his two-month salary to help out his employees during this crisis. On the other hand, Snapdeal co-founder, Kunal Bahl has committed to giving one hour sessions for brainstorming with startups facing difficulty with business during this time.

Word From Investors

The AngelList investors of Indian Startups have decided to invest 5o Cr into the startups working to develop the solution for this virus epidemic. Paras Chopra, the Wingify founder, has announced a hackathon for startups working to find out a possible solution for this crisis.

It is inspiring to see that when the countries have gone into lockdown during this crisis the startup community has come together to help the community.

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