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Indian tech company Coforge launches Quasar Responsible AI

Vivek Vishwakarma
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Coforge Limited, a notable player in the global digital services and solutions arena, today unveiled its Quasar Responsible AI solution as it looks to focus on the importance of ethical and responsible AI practices.

Addressing the ethical challenges in AI

According to the company's statement, the Quasar Responsible AI solution by Coforge is designed to ensure that AI applications are developed and used in a manner that adheres to ethical standards, fairness, transparency, and regulatory compliance.

The comprehensive solution addresses biases in datasets and models, identifies potential risks and compliance issues, and provides tools for governance, mitigation, and remediation, the release notes.


Coforge's AI portfolio expansion

Sudarshan Seshadri, SVP of the Data & AI Business Unit at Coforge, explains the company's AI strategy. "Coforge is already empowering leading Fortune 1000 companies with personalized AI solutions through Coforge Quasar Cognitive AI," he states.

The company has also introduced Quasar Generative AI for large-scale application deployment. With Quasar Responsible AI, Coforge now covers three key AI facets: Cognitive AI, Generative AI, and Responsible AI.

Empowering Organizations with Responsible AI

Bharathi Muniswamy, SVP of the Digital Business Unit at Coforge, emphasizes the role of Quasar Responsible AI in empowering organizations on their AI adoption journey. The solution ensures transparent integration of AI across various operations, reinforcing Coforge's position as a leader in responsible AI offerings.

Bharathi Muniswamy, SVP, Digital Business Unit, Coforge, said, "Coforge Quasar Responsible AI empowers organizations in their AI adoption journey by upholding ethical principles, ensuring fairness, bolstering security, and adhering to applicable regulations and standards. It guarantees a transparent integration of AI across all facets of their operations. The inclusion of this solution in Coforge's existing AI suite, comprising Quasar Cognitive and Generative AI, offers us a distinct advantage in the marketplace."

"Through early implementation and practical application, Coforge has proactively initiated the strategic utilization of Responsible AI. This positions us as a leader dedicated to transparently integrating AI across diverse aspects of our client's operations, thereby reinforcing Coforge's standing as a frontrunner with a comprehensive and responsible AI offering," Muniswamy added. 

What does Coforge do?

Coforge is a global digital services and solutions provider that focuses on leveraging emerging technologies and deep domain expertise. The company claims to have a presence in 21 countries and 26 delivery centres across nine countries.

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