India’s Own Tiktok Like App Mitron Clocks 5Mn Times Downloads

  • India develops its own TikTok like app called Mitron.
  • Mitron clocks 5 Million downloads within one month of launch.
  • Mitron is a short video content app developed by IIT Roorkee students.

India has its own TikTok like app called Mitron launched a month ago on Play Store. Mitro allows the user to create a free short video same as Tiktok and browse through a library of top videos across the globe.

This comes as Chinese company Bytedance owned TikTok faced flak over the last several weeks due to being Chinese and ongoing clash between the Youtuber vs TikToker.

The app developed by students of the Indian Institute Of  Technology (IIT) Roorkee, its become an option for the Indian’s who look to move away from TikTok.

Mitron now has been downloaded over 5 mn on the Gooogle play store in just one month. The Indian video-sharing app Mitron has been getting over 5 lakh downloads per day on an average.

The app works precisely equivalent to its Chinese opponent TikTok. It offers a simple UI to make, alter, and share videos. Like TikTok, clients can essentially swipe up or down to browse through various videos available on the platform.

Some part of the application’s prevalence must be credited to the way that ‘mitron’ is a welcome prominently utilized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his messages. For those new, mitron is a Hindi welcome used to address a gathering of companions.

Within a month, the app has also been rated number 2 app under the free category. Government-owned Aarogya Setu is on top in this category.

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