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Infosys partners with Handelsblatt Media Group to enhance storytelling with AI Tools

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Infosys partners with Handelsblatt Media Group

Indian technology giant Infosys has partnered with the Handelsblatt Media Group, Germany's premier provider of business and financial information.

The partnership marks a significant step towards integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the realm of media, aiming to enhance the way financial and economic stories are told. Infosys will serve as the AI and Digital Innovation Partner, promising to infuse Handelsblatt's content with cutting-edge digital technologies, the company said in a statement. 

The role of Infosys Topaz in economic reporting

This partnership will use Infosys Topaz, a collection of AI-focused services and technologies, to help the Handelsblatt Research Institute (HRI), an independent economic research entity under the Handelsblatt umbrella, simplify and share its detailed reports on the world economy and finance with people more easily.


"One of the core tasks of the Handelsblatt Research Institute is to present complex economic relationships and the results of scientific analysis to a broad readership," said Dr. Jan Kleibrink, Managing Director, Handelsblatt Research Institute.

"We achieve this with texts of the highest journalistic quality and visual storytelling based on high-quality infographics. With Infosys as our AI and digital innovation partner, we now move to the next level of digital storytelling that is powered by AI," Kleibrink said. 

Revolutionizing digital storytelling

The partnership aims to revolutionize digital storytelling by introducing features such as chat functionality, text translation and transformation, text-to-speech, and automatic data updates.

These innovations are designed to create an immersive experience for readers, making complex reports characterized by scientific analysis more engaging and widely accessible, it said.

"By leveraging our Generative AI capabilities, through Infosys Topaz, Handelsblatt Media group will redefine the storytelling experience for complex reports in journalism and making them more accessible to the public. The media industry is the digital fabric of our society, and Infosys aims to constantly deliver value and opportunity for all industry stakeholders," said Ashiss Kumar Dash, EVP & Global Head – Sustainability, Services, Utilities, Resources and Energy, Infosys.