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Infosys partners with Proximus to deliver an IT modernization and consolidation project

Jaya Vishwakarma
21 Nov 2023

Technology company Infosys has joined forces with Proximus, a Belgium-based digital services provider, to deliver an IT modernization project.

According to the company's statemnet, The move will integrate the IT elements of a Proximus affiliate into the central IT framework, aiming to extend fiber and fresh digital solutions to a broader customer base.

Project Dynamics

The initiative leveraged Infosys' role as a managing partner, focusing on aligning Proximus’ operations with its affiliate. The project encompassed over 70 applications and numerous vendors, successfully meeting the deadline and budget.

Consequently, the affiliate’s technology infrastructure has been revamped to support future demand, enabling faster product launches and a richer service portfolio.

Antonietta Mastroianni, Proximus’ Chief Digital & IT Officer, underlined the importance of integration for operational fluency and service expansion. Acknowledging the complexity of the transition, she credited Infosys’ managing partnership and its flexible operational model for the project’s success.

Anand Swaminathan, Executive Vice President and Global Industry Leader, Communications, Media and Technology at Infosys, said, “Collaborating on this program with Proximus has been an exciting journey for Infosys strengthening the 25-year strategic partnership between our two organizations. Infosys played the role of a managing partner for the end-to-end delivery of this extremely complex program involving multiple partners, applications, and a new operating model. We're proud to have helped Proximus and its affiliate bring connectivity and new digital services to even more customers.”

What does Proximus do?

Proximus Group is a provider of digital services, communication and ICT solutions operating in the Belgian and international markets.

The company aims to build the number one gigabit network for Belgium, combined with technology assets that enable digital ecosystems, while fostering an engaging culture and empowering ways of working.

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